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Washing Machine Breakdown Repairs SW11

There are a lot of causes of washing machine breakdown. One of them is when the timer stops working. When in need of washing machine repairs SW11, consider this information concerning the timer issue with the washer.The washing machine timer can be considered as a brain which controls the whole system of the machine. On many top load washers, the timer controls the washers operation through all wash cycles. It is what you turn to set your washer on a specific wash cycle.If the timer on your washer does not advance, there must have been damage with the timer or timer motor. You need to test the timer for continuity with a digital multi-meter to be sure whether it is properly working or not (the electrical schematic is also needed to determine the correct terminals to check). Remove the top portion of your washing machine to get to the timer then pull off the wiring harness once you can access the timer. Ensure that the power is turned off first from the appliance before you attempt this. You can check the timer motor for continuity with the multi-meter as well. On most brands of washing machines, the timer motor is not available separately.If you need to replace the timer for your washing machine repairs SW 11 here is how to do it:- Remove the knob on the timer of the washing machine by pulling it slowly with your hand.- The front of the control panel is screwed into the back panel with several screws. Use a screwdriver and remove the screws. Once they are removed, rotate the face of the panel forward.- Take the timer out of the panel by pressing the mounting tab (find it below the timer).- Replace the old timer with the new one and put the mounting tab back into its position..