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How to unblock an outside drain

Sometimes you may be faced with an outside drain that is blocked and in such a case; you can opt to call in an emergency team to handle the drain as soon as possible. The professionals are able to do a very thorough job and clean your drains very nicely. Blocked outside drain Battersea,?isnt something that should be left unattended. It is a hazard that has to be handled as soon as it arises because the damage can be very real.
However, sometimes when the blockage is minor, you do not need to get am expert to handle it as you can be able to do it yourself. You can unblock an outside drain using a drain un-blocker or other equipment readily available locally. Though you need not be an expert, you should be aware that it can be a rather dirty job.
Figuring out the issue
When dealing with a blocked outside drain Battersea, you need to first figure out exactly what is wrong. Usually, when a bathroom drain is involved, it may be caused by hair and soap while a kitchen sink can be caused by grease. Toilets could be blocked by too much tissue paper and even baby wipes and sanitary towels if disposed here.
The scope for an outside drain blocked is rather wide as all the above can cause it. It can also be caused by other kinds of domestic products, leaves, roots and debris from the outside.
Unblocking an outdoor drain can be more complex than the indoor ones. However, the task isn’t as complex even though this depends on what is causing the blockage in the first place. You will require the correct tools like drain rods and some protective gear.
You will need to remove the drain cover so as to make an inspection of the drain. When you find a drain chamber that is full, it tells you that you have in fact located the blockage and this is the place where you use the rod.